Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Sunday 9 August 2015)

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 9th August 2015

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Seven weeks from today, September 26-27, we will be celebrating a National Eucharistic Congress in Knock, Co. Mayo. Its theme ‘Christ our Hope’ invites us to think about hope in our own lives. This week take time to think about the moments when you were given reason to hope – perhaps what you needed came your way, like for Elijah. Remember and be thankful.


Thoughts for the Homily

We catch Elijah in the middle of a very difficult journey; not only is it physically demanding but he is being spiritually challenged as well.  He is weary, distressed and depressed.  He feels that all he wants to do is to lie down and die.  These are feelings and situations that so many people today can indentify with.

Elijah has literally spent himself in God’s work and because of that work, which he did so faithfully; he now has to flee as his life is in danger from Queen Jezebel.  She is out for revenge and is trying to have him killed. 

It’s an old story.  The situation is exactly what happened to the fleeing Israelite slaves from Egypt; they too had lost hope and gave up at times and as a result spent 40 years wandering in the desert.  God, with Manna from Heaven, nourished them.  God too nourishes Elijah through his angel and his journey takes 40 days and 40 nights.

The call to Elijah, the call to the Israelite slaves is the same call and challenge presented to us; a call to trust, not to give up because God will, and God does, provide for his people.  That is our hope and that is why we should trust and not lose heart. 

For many people these are very challenging and very difficult times and it may seem for some that their life’s journey has taken a turn for the worst.  Yet, while all of Elijah’s problems didn’t disappear and he still had a long journey to go and still face more trials and difficulties – he knew and he believed that God would stand by him.  That he would not be continuing on his journey alone, God would be with him, and for him it began with the water and scone that was in front of him.

Jesus today, is our nourishment.  Christ is literally our hope, our life and our strength.  In him we will find the nourishment, courage and energy to journey on.  We pray that in this Eucharist our eyes will be opened that we might see God’s nourishment and hope right before our eyes in Jesus the true Bread of Life.

Prayer of the Faithful

For ourselves; may we find in Jesus the Bread of Life, nourishment, strength and hope for our daily lives.  Lord hear us


Contributor: Fr. Christy Fitzgerald, Cork and Ross.