Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Sunday 16 August 2015)

Thoughts for the homily

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus knows what he is doing when he tells us that he wants to be our bread of life. He does not want to be exclusive, special, saved for the big occasions. He wants to be the stuff of our ordinary every day. Jesus is the one who desires to sustain and support us in the midst of our lives – the hustle and bustle, the challenges and joys, the ups and downs – he is there, our bread of life.

We are invited then to recognise His presence, here in the Eucharist we receive and in the events and relationships of our daily lives. In the midst of what is ordinary we find God, present and active. There is a saying, that to find God in life we have to look for the good in life. So maybe in the week ahead we could try to be aware of the blessings. Who are the people who bring joy, love and hope into our lives? Who are the people who challenge us to deeper loving and healing? Where have we found beauty, peace, strength and courage? We may be surprised to find that God comes to us in the very ordinary stuff of day to day – no fanfare, no parade, just the bread of life.

Prayer of the Faithful

For all of us gathered here: In the realities of our everyday living help us Lord to recognise the touch of your hand. Nourish us with your presence. Be our bread of life. Lord hear us.


Contributer: Bairbre Cahill