Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time (30th August 2015)

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time – August 30th 2015

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On September 26-27 we will be celebrating a National Eucharistic Congress in Knock, Co. Mayo. Its theme ‘Christ our Hope’ invites us to think about hope in our own lives. Each week you are invited to prepare by reflecting on hope in your own life, where you meet in and how you spread it. This week be attentive to the time you give to negative thinking and try to introduce more positive and hopeful thoughts, especially when you are alone.

Thoughts for the Homily

Over the last four Sundays we have listened to the sublime teaching of John’s Gospel on the Eucharist, as the Bread of Life.

In contrast, the Pharisees in today’s Gospel are concerned about eating with unwashed hands, cleaning cups, pots and dishes; actions all related to food. Jesus sees their focussing on these externals, as missing the point about much more serious issues, the ‘evil intentions’ that can ‘emerge’ from a person’s heart.

Like the Pharisees, aspects of our celebrity culture today emphasise externals and pay little heed to the intentions of the heart. Jesus goes on to issue an invitation to us today, ‘Listen to me, all of you, and understand.’  

Then, he lists how the ‘evil intentions’, coming from the heart can translate into harmful words and actions, that can cause suffering to others. James in the second reading reminds us that there is another word planted in our hearts ‘the message of the truth …that can save your souls.’ 

What would it be like for you to notice the thoughts and words that flow from your heart this week, to resist the ‘evil intentions’ and nourish ‘the message of the truth’.

Prayer of the Faithful

For all of us gathered here,  that the words of Jesus may be a positive influence in our lives, to the point that by our actions and attitudes others will know acceptance, respect and love.

Lord hear us

Contributor: Sr. Moya Hegarty OSU